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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 2008

MUN Professor Harassed & Bullied, Inquiry Finds

A professor of medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland and a gynecologic oncologist at the H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre in St. John’s was systematically harassed for years by her employers and colleagues, an independent committee of inquiry has concluded.

Francophones in CAUT: The Long March

CAUT’s first francophone president was often asked if he were the first in that position being francophone. Alas, he cannot claim that honour, although very few francophones have had the privilege of serving in that capacity.

CRC Program Slow to Implement Settlement to End Discrimination

A settlement reached a year and a half ago in a human rights complaint over the Canada Research Chairs program is stalled, frustrating the complainants and both the spirit and letter of the agreement.

JNF article commended

Thank you for printing the article on the Jewish National Fund in the March Bulletin in which the authors criticized university presidents who agree to be honoured by this organization.

Stroke victim sets record straight

Heinz Klatt (Letters, March 2008 Bulletin) characterizes the author as a “truly one dimensional man.” The author hopes he applies more rigor to his psychological studies than he does to the unfounded assumptions he makes about him.

Unite to fight grade police

Reading Ronald Glasberg’s article “Bridging Academe’s Assessment Divide” in the March Bulletin was appreciated. Many share his views about teaching in the humanities.

A Comedy of Errors

The recent controversy over “Israeli Apartheid Week” at McMaster University was simultaneously a comedy of errors and an important sign of challenges to come for academic freedom on Canadian campuses.

Misguided Budgets Sell Universities Short

Spring’s arrival is warming temperatures, but four recent provincial budgets have left many students, teachers and post-secondary institutions out in the cold.

Copyright Reform Shifts to New Ground

Long-expected amendments to the Copyright Act aimed at bolstering the rights of the entertainment industry have been dropped from the federal government’s legislative agenda.

AUCC Restores Membership of FNUniv

The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada has restored the First Nations University of Canada to full membership.

Deal at Wilfrid Laurier Ends Strike

Per course salaries for part-time faculty and librarians at Wilfrid Laurier University will increase over the course of a three-year collective agreement ratified this month. The deal reached ended a two-week strike.

Guelph Contract Signed

Guelph faculty association members ratified their first collective agreement, bringing to an end more than a year of negotiation. The tentative agreement reached with the university administration was brokered with the assistance of a mediator hours before a strike deadline.

How Chicago Shaped Liberal Higher Education

Former University of Chicago dean embodies a type of person — your favourite Senate Curriculum Committee chairperson.