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December 2009

Council Confers Milner Award on 16 Heroes

Fifty-one years ago, 16 academic staff at United College in Winnipeg sacrificed themselves to defend the academic freedom of a colleague who had been fired for writing a letter critical of the president of the institution.

Educators Beware the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

In early November, negotiators from the United States, Japan, the European Union, Canada and a select handful of other nations huddled together in a closed-door session in Seoul, South Korea. It was the latest in a continuing effort to hammer out an international agreement aimed at cracking down on the traffic in counterfeit goods.

Broader Rights for Contract Academics

There is widespread agreement that when it comes to academic work, teaching, research, professional activity, and service and professional development are part of the job.

Academic Librarians Are under Attack

Academic librarians and librarianship at Canadian universities and colleges are in trouble. Pointing to the need to cut budgets and making use of new technologies, library administrators are deskilling and eliminating the jobs of librarians.

Majority Favour Higher Spending on Post-Secondary Education

More than half of Canadians say spending on post-secon­dary education should be increased even if it means paying higher taxes, according to a new poll.

CAUT Supports Quebec Federation of Professors’ Opposition to Proposed Bill on University Governance

Caut Council has unanimously endorsed a motion supporting the Fédération québécoise des professeures et professeurs d’université (FQPPU) in its fight to have the Quebec government’s proposed legislation on university governance withdrawn.

New Members Welcomed by CAUT

Sessional lecturers, music instructors and postdocs at McMaster University, and Concordia University College of Alberta Faculty Association (Unit 2 of CUPE Local 3906) were approved for CAUT membership at the association’s recent council meeting.

CAUT Supports Call for Afghan Detainee Inquiry

CAUT has added its voice to calls for a public inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees — the result of a decision made Nov. 28 at the association’s Council meeting.

Settlement Ends Wightman Case

The case of a former Acadia University professor has been settled. The settlement terms reached are confidential.

The Power of Two

Wilfrid Laurier University professors Doug and Joyce Lori­mer have each been recognized by CAUT with the Donald C. Savage Award “for outstanding achievements in the promotion of collective bargaining in Canadian universities and colleges.”

NSERC Slammed over New Programs

Academic staff associations meeting in Ottawa for CAUT’s recent Council meeting voted unanimously in opposition to new grant programs at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

Aboriginal Voices

More than 80 Aboriginal scholars from across Canada parti­­ci­pated in CAUT’s Transforming the Academy conference in Sask­atoon.

Love the Questions

What are universities good for? This question has generated intense debate and is often seen as a symptom of crises in society, politics and culture. Where radicals once critiqued univer­sities’ elitism, that argument has recently been turned on its head.

Defending the Indefensible

In the early 20th century, asbestos had a reputation as a lifesaver. In 1960, however, it became known that even relatively brief exposure to asbestos can cause mesothelioma, a virulent and lethal cancer.

Not a Conspiracy Theory

North Americans have expressed themselves loud and clear on a wide range of issues — like the need for expanded and affordable health care — but it often feels like the politicians in power aren’t really listening.

The Privacy Advocates

Connect privacy and freedom? Since freedom matters, who makes it their business to fight for privacy? The author sets out to answer that precise question: “When surveillance practices emerge, who mobilizes against them, how and with what effect?”

New Collective Agreements Ratified at Nipissing, Western Ontario & Toronto

Unions representing academic staff at Nipissing University, the University of Western Ontario and the University of Toronto have averted strikes and ratified new collective agreements.

Librarian Honoured with National Award

CAUT has awarded Johanna Foster, an information services librarian at the University of Windsor, top honours for service and achievements of benefit to academic librarians.

Activist Judy Rebick Wins Sarah Shorten Award

The CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University has been chosen as this year’s winner of CAUT’s Sarah Shorten Award.

Le prix commémoratif Milner décerné à 16 héros

Il y a 51 ans, seize membres du corps professoral du United College à Winnipeg se sacrifiaient pour défendre la liberté aca­démi­que d’un collègue qui avait été congédié après avoir écrit une lettre critique à l’égard du recteur de l’établissement.