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CAUT Bulletin Archives

February 2013

Mellen Press hits McMaster librarian with lawsuit alleging defamation

A $3.5 million lawsuit by British and New York-based academic book publisher Edwin Mellen Press against a librarian and his Canadian university employer has shocked the academic community.

Tentative deal in StFX strike

The 17-day strike by academic staff at St. Francis Xavier University is over. The StFX Association of University Teachers reached a tentative agreement with the university.

Tory bill designed to weaken labour

The date, 12-12-12, was likely the last great repeating date to occur in most of our lifetimes. While many said it was a harbinger of good luck, it certainly brought no such thing to labour organizations across the country. The date marked the passage of Bill C-377 — An Act to amend the Income Tax Act.

CAUT launches new workshop for association boards & executives

CAUT has added a new workshop titled Building Stronger Associations to its list of education and training opportunities. The workshop is designed to provide member associations with ideas for strengthening their work through increased member involvement.

UBC closes salary disparity gap

The base pay of all female faculty in the professoriate and instructor streams at the University of British Columbia will be rising by two per cent to eliminate gender pay inequities that were first identified almost seven years ago.

Carleton postdocs certified as a union

The Ontario Labour Re­lations Board has certified the Carleton Univer­sity Postdoctoral Association (CUPA) as the bargaining agent for postdoctoral scholars at Carle­ton University. CUPA is the first independently-certified union of postdocs in Canada.

Concordia University College faculty ratify first contract

Faculty at Concordia University College of Alberta have overwhelmingly ratified their first collective agreement, ending a lengthy battle for the 50 permanent academic staff who gained certification from the provincial labour relations board last April.

Capital resurgent

Capital Resurgent represents another chapter in economists Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy’s long-running project to understand neoliberalism’s place in the larger history of capitalist development since the 19th century.

The psychology of retirement

Whether it’s spending more time with family or travelling to far-flung places, many of us look forward to retirement and a respite from working life.

I remember Laurier

I Remember Laurier is the story of the little university that could, told by some of those who devoted themselves to transforming the school from its modest beginnings into the university whose growth and partnerships characterize it today.