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CAUT Bulletin Archives

May 2013

CAUT launches campaign to overhaul federal science policy

CAUT is calling for an overhaul of the federal government’s science policy and funding for research in Canada, following widespread concerns over recent research and science-related decisions.

Child care at congress an equity issue

Over the last five years a disturbing pattern has emerged at the annual congress of the humanities and social sciences regarding the lack of affordable and accessible on-site child care. Indeed, the lack of services for child care at the congress has become the norm.

PEI budget hurts higher ed

With Prince Edward Island’s projected deficit nearing $60 million this year, the provincial Liberal government’s March 27 budget announcement amounted to an about-face on last year’s promise of restoring the province to fiscal balance by 2015.

Open access publishing serves the public good

Access to the results of academic scholarship and research is in a crisis today due in part to the proliferation of expensive, for-profit, scholarly journals. Most library budgets can no longer maintain extensive collections of periodicals, let alone acquire new ones.

Manitoba budget gives half of promised funding increase

Manitoba post-secondary institutions were dealt a surprise in the province’s April 16 budget announcement that reneged on a promised five per cent increase to base operating grants.

Commission calls for change to governance of military college

A blue-ribbon commission is calling for changes to the governance structure of the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in order to protect the academic integrity of the institution.

Opposition grows to Alberta PSE changes

Protests continue in Alberta in the wake of deep cuts to post-secondary education funding announced in the province’s 2013–2014 budget last March.

Access Copyright takes York to court

In response to refusals to accept its proposed licence fee increases, Access Copyright has taken legal action against Toronto’s York University — one of the universities that has opted out.

Canadians see feds on wrong track: poll

More Canadians say the federal government is on the wrong track when it comes to science and research policy, according to a public opinion poll released last month.

University of Saskatchewan professor receives CAUT’s top award

Marie Battiste is the 2013 recipient of CAUT’s Distinguished Academic Award, the highest honour it can bestow on an academic in recognition of extraordinary contributions as a teacher, as a researcher, and in service to the community.

Inquiry finds uOttawa at fault in wrongful seizure of research records

An independent investigation into the seizure of the research records of two former University of Ottawa professors by the UOttawa Institute of Mental Health Research and the Royal Ottawa Hospital has found the action unjustified and put the privacy of research subjects at risk.

CAUT honours journalists at council

A managing editor and a business correspondent have won CAUT’s 12th annual Excellence in Education Journalism awards.

Petition to end Access Copyright at Western

A petition calling on Western University to end its Access Copyright agreement has been signed by 70 library workers at the university, ahead of the renewal deadline.

Funding cut imposed

I write to correct a possible misperception created by the April Bulletin article “‘Smoke & mirrors’ obscure Nova Scotia’s budget.”

Harm from compulsion to publish in English

The practical reality for many German academics and researchers is that publishing in English is becoming progressively more vital for their careers. However, some German linguists are railing against this process and drawing attention to its associated cultural, political and academic dilemmas.

Quick hits for teaching with technology

How should I use technology in my courses? What impact does technology have on student learning? Is distance learning effective? These are some of the questions that instructors raise as technology becomes an integral part of the educational experience.

Pitch perfect

How do you get yourself heard amid the volume of information in today’s 24-hour news cycle, and get your message across in an environment where blogs and Twitter vie with traditional media?

Mad matters

Mad Matters brings together the writings of this vital movement, which has grown explosively in the years since.

Debt sentence

The author exposes the exploitation and entrapment in Canada’s student loan system: a system that cripples or destroys the careers of thousands while lining the pockets of banks, collection agencies and bureaucrats.