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CAUT Bulletin Archives

February 2002

Respect Collective Agreements CAUT Warns B.C. Colleges

CAUT is urging British Columbia's college presidents to respect the collective agreements they have negotiated with faculty or face censure.

Ontario Says No to Tuition Deregulation

The Ontario government has rejected a proposal from Queen's University to allow the provinces' universities to set undergraduate arts tuition fees at whatever levels they want.

A Nasty Piece of Legislation

On Jan. 30, CAUT president Tom Booth and executive director Jim Turk wrote to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell protesting his introduction of Bill 28: Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act. The text of the letter follows. — ed.

AAUP Voices Concerns

On Feb. 4, the American Association of University Professors wrote to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell condemning the legislation that allows college administrators to override key provisions of collective agreements. The text of the letter follows. — ed.

Janet Creery Joins CAUT's Communications Department

CAUT has appointed Janet Creery to the newly-created position of executive assistant — communications and information

Real Tuition Highest Since 1860s

First business, then medicine, then law, and now everyone. The handwriting is on the wall. Tuition at Queen's University is going up again soon, and by a lot. Principal Bill Leggett wrote that deregulation of tuition across our university could be good for us. He claimed that higher tuition has improved medical training, and with a complicated financial analysis, he predicts that further hikes across the entire university need pose no barrier to access.

Remote Communities Hard Hit by Funding Shortfall

A former British Columbia Minister of Education and chair of the Council of Ministers of Education Canada is warning the nation's universities and colleges are suffering because of a lack of political leadership and will.

UofT Pensioners Seek Redress in Mediation

The four retired women professors who launched a civil suit against the University of Toronto are moving into mediation.

Winnipeg Faculty Accept Offer

After months of negotiations, members of the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association ratified an agreement Jan

CIEA Welcomes Emily Carr Faculty

The 7,000 member College Institute Educators' Association of B.C. just got a little bigger. On Jan. 11, the 130 members of the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Faculty Association became Local 22 of CIEA.

Shaw Elected President of NUCAUT

Maureen Shaw, president of the College Institute Educators' Association of B.C. was elected interim president of the National Union of CAUT by representatives of the 12 faculty unions that are members of NUCAUT.

B.C. Slashes Public Spending — Eliminates 12,000 Jobs

The British Columbia government has unveiled a package of deep cuts in government spending and mass layoffs of public service workers in an attempt to meet its election pledge to cut taxes while balancing the provincial budget within three years.

March 8: Women Working in Solidarity

This year's celebrations of International Women's Week, set to kick-off March 3, will focus on "Working in Solidarity: Women, Human Rights, and Peace."

How Global Market Forces Drive the New Vocationalism

This study by John Levin, a former Douglas College instructor and B.C. college administrator who is now professor of higher education at the University of Arizona, suggests we need to be vigilant about the "new vocationalism."

September 11 & the Politics Of University Teaching

At various time in my teaching career — more than ever since Sept. 11 — I have been advised by faculty colleagues that I should avoid being "too political" in the classroom.