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CAUT Bulletin Archives

March 2009

CAUT Presses Government on Budget Research Shortfall

CAUT continues to voice concerns over the former government’s underfunding of research provided through the granting councils, and the targeting of specific projects.

Universities Are Betraying Their Central Mission

CAUT has become aware of a number of disturbing cases in which university administrations have limited or suppressed debate on controversial issues. Whether it is banning posters or noisy demonstrations, such heavy-handed actions constitute a clear threat to the purpose of post-secondary education.

Productivity in the Vale of Peers

Few tenets of academic life are as sa­crosanct as the principle of produc­tivity as monitored by those masters of quality control, the jury of one’s peers. Yet, few principles can be as corrupting of what should lie at the heart of the academic enterprise — namely, the search for truth.

What Makes a Great University

Just as fire regenerates a forest, so a great university regenerates human culture. We burn the rubbish, and create the space for new stuff to grow.

York Demonstrates Need for Solidarity

The Ontario government has en­acted legislation ending the York University strike — the longest by academic workers in 30 years. As a York faculty member it was difficult to ignore the events of the 12-week walkout, especially since the conditions that gave rise to the conflict are present or coming soon to other institutions.

Ogden Case Settled, CAUT Ends Inquiry

CAUT’s inquiry in the case of a criminologist of Kwantlen Polytechnic University came to an end when a mutually agreeable settlement was reached.

3-Year Deal Ratified at Wilfrid Laurier

Full-time academic staff at Wilfrid Laurier University ratified a new three-year agreement. It followed a bargaining unit motion for a strike vote and three days of conciliation.

Salary conclusions clearly tentative

The re­sults from the Boston College study featured so pro­minently in the Bulle­tin (“Entry-Level Salaries Highest in Canada,” December 2008) were surprising. The study authors take great pains to say their work is exploratory and there are limitations and caveats to their conclusions other than those mentioned at the end of the article.

Ourselves to blame

We were surprised that Penni Ste­wart (President's Column, Bulletin, December 2008), having detailed the secrecy with which Canadian granting agencies are established and governed, implied this was by choice of government, past and pre­sent.

Free CAUT Tax Guide Now Available

The Feb. 26, 2008 and Jan. 27, 2009 federal budgets tabled by the former government introduced numerous income tax changes. Some of the announcements have been signed into law and others are still making their way through the parliamentary process.

Colleges Veto Vote Count

Part-time and sessional faculty at Ontario’s community colleges won’t know the result of their union certification vote for weeks, thanks to an objection from the colleges over voter eligibility.

CAUT Calls Tory Plan for Pay Equity ‘Discrimination’

CAUT called on the leaders of the opposition parties to block attempts by the Conserva­tives to impose a new pay equity act that will make it almost impos­sible for women in the federal public sector and their unions to fight for, and win, equal pay for work of equal value.

Surrendering Our Academic Freedom

The author purports to bring good news to the aca­demy — his gospel being that there is a simple way to prevent attacks on professors and their academic freedom by political extremists.

L’ACPPU presse Ottawa de rétablir les fonds supprimés dans les programmes de recherche

L'ACPPU continue de réclamer du gouvernement conservateur qu’il redresse l’insuffisance des fonds de re­cherche octroyés par l’entremise des organismes subventionnaires et qu’il renonce à cibler les projets de recherche.

Le conflit à York : un appel pressant à la solidarité universitaire

Le gouvernement de l’Ontario a eu recours à une loi spéciale pour forcer le retour au travail des grévistes de l’Université York et mettre ainsi fin au plus long conflit jamais vécu par des travailleuses et travailleurs d’université en 30 ans.

L’ACPPU dénonce le projet de loi conservateur sur l’équité salariale

Le mois dernier, l’ACPPU a lancé un appel aux chefs des partis de l’opposition pour qu’ils s’opposent farouchement aux tentatives des conservateurs d’imposer une nouvelle loi sur l’équité salariale qui empêcherait pratiquement les femmes dans le secteur public fédéral et leurs syndicats de réclamer l’égalité de rémunération pour un travail de valeur égale.

Les collèges bloquent le dépouillement des votes

Le personnel enseignant à temps partiel et de session des collèges communautaires de l’Ontario devra attendre des semaines avant de connaître le résultat du scrutin d’accréditation syndicale en raison des objections soulevées par l’employeur à propos de l’admissibilité au vote.

Guide de l’impôt gratuit de l’ACPPU

Les budgets fédéraux déposés par le gouvernement conservateur le 26 février 2008 et le 27 janvier 2009 ont considérablement modifié l’impôt sur le revenu. Certaines des propositions présentées dans le pre­mier de ces deux budgets ont reçu force de loi et d’autres sont en voie d’être édictées.