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CAUT Bulletin Archives

April 2009

Governments Told to Stop ‘Ideological Exclusions’

CAUT joined civil liberty groups across Canada in objecting to the former government’s decision to bar British MP from entering Canada.

Federal Budget Enshrines Pay Inequity

Not satisfied with eliminating programs and budget cuts, the former government’s new budget eliminates the right of women in the federal public service to bring pay equity complaints before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

A timely reminder

Congratulations to Jon Thompson for his review of "Save the World on Your Own Time" (Bulletin, March 2009). His Bookshelf column accurately and precisely describes Stanley Fish’s argument and the dangers it represents.

Editorial leads the way

This strong editorial in the CAUT Bulletin (“Universities Are Betraying Their Central Mission,” March 2009) defends free speech on campus at a time when it is under serious assault. This is precisely what CAUT should be doing under these circumstances.

Stick to the facts

Applauds for both the president and executive director of CAUT for their courageous editorial, “Universities Are Betraying Their Central Mission,” (Bulletin, March 2009) in connection with the banning of a poster during Israel Apartheid Week.

IAW suppresses free speech

In your Editorial in the March edition of the Bulletin, you argue free speech and freedom of expression were violated when two universities banned a poster showing an Israeli helicopter bombing. We agree beyond doubt on the need for the university to promote free speech.

Errors by omissions

Your statement in the editorial “Univer­sities Are Betraying Their Central Mission” (Bulletin, March 2009) that “supporters of Israeli government policy feel that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism” is both an insult to the intelligence of your readership and an indication that you are going along the route of those anti-Israel acti­vists.

A worse form of apartheid

Re: “Universities Are Betraying Their Central Mission,” (CAUT Bulletin, March 2009) – This is an excellent editorial on academic freedom by Penni Stewart and James Turk. They have spoken out in support of basic principles, especially concerning criticism of Israeli policies.

MIT Faculty to Make Articles Freely Available to Public

Faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have voted unanimously to make their scholarly articles available to the public for free on the internet.

Bologna Process Poses Dangers & an Opportunity

The Bologna Process, under which European governments are attempting to harmonize their college and university systems, is beginning to attract more attention in Canada. Much of the initial reaction has been from those involved in graduate student admissions.

Provincial Budgets Earn Mixed Reviews

Newfoundland & Labrador – Students are applauding the 2009 budget for eliminating interest on the provincial portion of student loans and maintaining the freeze on tuition fees.

Saskatchewan Academics Ratify Contract Extension

Academic staff at the University of Saskatchewan ratified a one-year extension agreement. The new agreement extends the collective agreement to June 2010.

St. Jerome’s Faculty Vote to Form Union

Full-time academic staff at St. Jerome’s University have voted overwhelmingly to form a union. The vote came two months after a majority of academic staff voted non-confidence in the university president.

Tracking Limits to Free Speech at US Colleges

This title by Jon Gould presents a timely analysis of the conten­tious debate on the limits of free speech on campus. Although the issue is at American universities, the cases examined will certainly re­sonate for Canadian academics.

Les gouvernements sont exhortés à mettre fin à la pratique de l’exclusion idéologique

L’ACPPU s’est jointe à des groupes de défense des libertés civiles de tout le Canada pour protester contre la décision du gouvernement d’interdire l’accès au pays d'un député britannique.

Le budget fédéral entérine l’iniquité salariale

Non content d’éliminer le Programme de contestation judiciaire, d’annuler les accords sur les garderies conclus avec les provinces et de sabrer dans le budget et les programmes de Condition féminine Canada, le gouvernement Harper, au travers de son nouveau budget, retire aux femmes dans la fonction publique fédérale le droit de déposer des plaintes en matière d’équité salariale devant la Commission canadienne des droits de la personne.

Les articles savants du personnel enseignant du MIT en accès libre

Le corps professoral du Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a approuvé à l’unanimité le projet de diffusion publique et gratuite des articles savants de ses membres sur Internet.

St. Jerome vote pour la création d’un syndicat

La grande majorité des profes­seurs à plein temps de l’Université St. Jerome ont voté en faveur de la création d’un syndicat.