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CAUT Bulletin Archives

November 2000

Memorial Faculty on Strike

"This strike is about fairness," said faculty association president Noel Roy, as members of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association (MUNFA) walked out on Oct. 31. The strike at both the St. John's and Corner Brook campuses comes after a year of negotiations.

Health Care & Education Top List, CAUT Poll Reveals

A clear majority of Canadians say a newly elected federal government's first priority should be to use the bulging surplus to increase spending on social programs like health care and education, shows a poll released this month by CAUT.

No Help Needed at Trent, CAUT Told

I would like to make a few points in relation to your articles on the confused and confusing situation at Trent. As you state: "the president's plan (for the relocation of two of the colleges) has support among many sectors of the faculty." You also say the opposition to the move is "equally strong," but that has not been established.

Paving the Way for Private Education in Ontario

In mid-October the government of Ontario introduced its pernicious and highly controversial legislation to establish the Post-secondary Education Choice and Excellence Act.

Feds Redesigning Universities

The Canada Research Chairs Program raises disturbing questions about the future of post-secondary education in Canada. It promises $900 million over five years to cash-starved universities — but it exacts a price in return.

Government Lags Behind the Times on Women's Issues

Fifty thousand demonstrators converged on Parliament Hill Oct. 15 to support demands to end violence against women and women's poverty in Canada for the World March of Women 2000 event in Ottawa. But Prime Minister Jean Chrétien sent them home with nothing but a directive to talk with his Ministers and the provinces.

National Lobby Day Cancelled

The planned CAUT/FQPPU national lobby day has been pre-empted by the federal election campaign.

Canadian Alliance Draws Fire at Brock University

A boisterous crowd of university students, chanting "Stockwell, Go Homo," jeered Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day on his visit to Brock University early in the federal election campaign.

New Democrats Set Their Sights on Health Care

Alexa McDonough promises to fix the health care system by increasing federal funding for medicare.

Liberals Focus on 'New Economy'

The Liberal Party's election platform promises the party will meet the challenge of the so-called new economy by turning Canada into a "smart country," but CAUT says the Liberals are still making dumb choices.

Tories Propose Tax Cuts

Joe Clark promises to reduce the debt and cut taxes even more aggressively than the Liberals.

Federal Mini-Budget Fails Education Again

Federal Finance Minister Paul Martin's October mini-budget gets a failing grade when it comes to preparing Canadians for the "new economy."

Protecting Audio Visual Works

CAUT called on the federal government to protect faculty intellectual property rights in upcoming World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) negotiations about the rights of performers in audiovisual productions.

Postcards Flood CAUT Office

Tens of thousands of postcards urging the federal government to increase funding for post-secondary education have been flooding CAUT's office from all across the country.

Public Investment in PSE

Recent OECD figures reveal that Canada leads in cutting post-secondary education funding.

The Good Enough Professor

I first came to the University of Toronto in 1945 - mind you, I was only eight months old. No, I was not a child prodigy, far from it. But that spring my father, who was teaching at the University of British Columbia, accepted a position at Victoria College (he was officially a philosopher but seemed to spend most of his time dabbling elsewhere intellectually) and as I grew up one of our weekly rituals was to go to the university on Saturdays where we would swim at Hart House and have lunch at Burwash Hall.

Tuition Freeze Extended in British Columbia

Tuition fees will remain frozen at British Columbia's public post-secondary institutions for the sixth straight year, Premier Ujjal Dosanjh told students at the University of Victoria last month

Political Roundtable Planned for Council

CAUT has invited the leaders of all five major political parties to participate in an all-party roundtable discussion on post-secondary issues on Nov

U.S. Appeals Court Upholds the Ideal of Free Speech

An appeals court in the United States has ruled that three professors at the University of Vincennes in southwestern Indiana have a case against their university, which penalised them financially after they criticised the institution